Since 2003, the year it was officially registered with the Egyptian authorities, EL Shehab has provided assistance to more than 30,000 people. Renowned for its technical expertise, the non-profit association is one of the rare groups that works with the populations that are most vulnerable to HIV, namely girls and women in the regions of Greater Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia, el-Fayyum, Al-Sharqiyah and Al-Minya. Combatting gender-based violence, prevention of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS), providing information about reproductive health and offering psychological and legal support are just some of the activities run by EL-Shehab, in its reception centres or thanks to mobile teams. In order to facilitate the socio-economic emancipation of the people it serves, the non-profit also builds on professional training, equipping people with the tools they need to develop their skills as part of a global empowerment approach. EL Shehab’s activities depend on a partnership agreement with civil society stakeholders and government agencies (notably PNLS and the Ministry of Health). The group strives to make the sustainable development goals in the areas of health, combating inequalities and the eradication of poverty a reality by working to secure their incorporation into national strategic plans.

Philosophy and Principles:

Decentralized decision-making.


Community participation.

 Collaboration and acceptance of others.

Spirit of volunteerism.



30 k+

people have received support and Reached since we opened in 2003 we’ve seen the lives changed of over 6760 person.

20 Years

years supporting vulnerable populations in Egypt


sections in Alexandria and Cairo


Since its establishment, EL Shehab has been focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention through providing a comprehensive package of interventions targeting the most vulnerable populations. The prevention cycle starts by the outreach service where the outreach team reach out for the most at risk populations to deliver a summarized awareness message related to HIV/AIDS transmission, prevention as well as the different services provided at EL Shehab. The prevention cycle involves other forms of interventions, one of which is the legal support where EL Shehab believes in the impact of empowering vulnerable populations legally to decrease the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. 

Additionally, EL Shehab is renowned among its beneficiaries for being a safe space for them to vent, socialize, and get the services they need for themselves or their families. The organization offers a range of services, one of which is the psycho-social support service. This service provides individuals with a space to discuss their thoughts, concerns, and experiences, allowing them to release emotional burdens and find solace.

Within the psycho-social support service, individuals can freely express themselves, sharing their life stories, challenges, and behaviors. The listening officers at EL Shehab are trained to provide a compassionate and non-judgmental environment, ensuring that each person feels heard and understood. They offer guidance and assistance, helping individuals navigate through their difficulties and connect them with the appropriate services.

One of the main goals of the psycho-social support service is to reduce the risks of contracting HIV/AIDS. By providing a safe space for individuals to discuss their concerns and challenges, EL Shehab aims to empower them with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health. The organization strongly encourages service-seekers to undergo testing and counseling, raising awareness about the importance of early detection and prevention.